[Multiple Regions] Planned Upgrade
Scheduled for Nov 22, 22:00 - 22:30 UTC
On 22 November 2019, 22:00 UTC – 22:30 UTC, an upgrade that targets high availability setup improvement of the Commercial Infrastructure Service will be applied in the Europe (Rot) [neo-eu1] region of the SAP Cloud Platform.

During this timeframe, customers will not be able to perform operations of their accounts such as create, update, delete accounts, entitlements and services. The upgrade will affect all SAP Cloud Platform regions.
Posted Oct 29, 2019 - 13:53 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Japan (Tokyo) [cf-jp10] (All Advisories [cf-jp10]), Brazil (São Paulo) [cf-br10] (All Advisories [cf-br10]), Canada (Montreal) [cf-ca10] (All Advisories [cf-ca10]), US Central (IA) [cf-us30] (All Advisories [cf-us30]), US West (Washington) [cf-us20] (All Advisories [cf-us20]), Japan (Tokyo) [neo-jp1] (All Advisories [neo-jp1]), Australia (Sydney) [neo-ap1] (All Advisories [neo-ap1]), China (Shanghai) [neo-cn1] (All Advisories [neo-cn1]), Singapore [cf-ap11] (All Advisories [cf-ap11]), Australia (Sydney) [cf-ap10] (All Advisories [cf-ap10]), US East (VA) [cf-us10] (All Advisories [cf-us10]), Europe (Frankfurt) [neo-eu2] (All Advisories [neo-eu2]), Europe (Rot) [cf-eu1] (All Advisories [cf-eu1]), Europe (Frankfurt) [cf-eu10] (All Advisories [cf-eu10]), Canada (Toronto) [neo-ca1] (All Advisories [neo-ca1]), Europe (Netherlands) [cf-eu20] (All Advisories [cf-eu20]), Europe (Amsterdam) [neo-eu3] (All Advisories [neo-eu3]), UAE (Dubai) [neo-ae1] (All Advisories [neo-ae1]), KSA (Riyadh) [neo-sa1] (All Advisories [neo-sa1]), Russia (Moscow) [neo-ru1] (All Advisories [neo-ru1]), Europe (Rot) [neo-eu1] (All Advisories [neo-eu1]), US East (Sterling) [neo-us3] (All Advisories [neo-us3]), US West (Chandler) [neo-us2] (All Advisories [neo-us2]), Brazil (São Paulo) [neo-br1] (All Advisories [neo-br1]), US East (Ashburn) [neo-us1] (All Advisories [neo-us1]), and US West (Colorado) [neo-us4] (All Advisories [neo-us4]).