Additional IPs were added to SAP BTP Neo Landscapes
Scheduled for Sep 23, 18:00 - 18:15 UTC
If your service is running in one of these regions and maintains an allow list, make sure to add the IPs listed in Regions and Hosts Available for the Neo Environment page ( ) .
Posted Sep 23, 2021 - 11:17 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Europe (Rot) [neo-eu1] (All Advisories [neo-eu1]), China (Shanghai) [neo-cn1] (All Advisories [neo-cn1]), Canada (Toronto) [neo-ca1] (All Advisories [neo-ca1]), Japan (Tokyo) [neo-jp1] (All Advisories [neo-jp1]), Brazil (São Paulo) [neo-br1] (All Advisories [neo-br1]), US West (Colorado) [neo-us4] (All Advisories [neo-us4]), US West (Chandler) [neo-us2] (All Advisories [neo-us2]), Australia (Sydney) [neo-ap1] (All Advisories [neo-ap1]), US East (Sterling) [neo-us3] (All Advisories [neo-us3]), Europe (Frankfurt) [neo-eu2] (All Advisories [neo-eu2]), US East (Ashburn) [neo-us1] (All Advisories [neo-us1]), UAE (Dubai) [neo-ae1] (All Advisories [neo-ae1]), KSA (Riyadh) [neo-sa1] (All Advisories [neo-sa1]), Russia (Moscow) [neo-ru1] (All Advisories [neo-ru1]), and Europe (Amsterdam) [neo-eu3] (All Advisories [neo-eu3]).